Physical and Mental Preparations for the Competitive Examinations.

Physical and Mental Preparations for the Competitive Examinations.

There are many competitive exams where millions of students and individuals attend every year. It can be for the right job or higher studies. The intention behind these exams is nothing but to get suitable and merit candidates from each society in India. Everyone will be aware of what to study and when to study but how to learn is essential.  Some competitive examinations are GATE, CAT, JEE, IAS, PSC, SSC etc.

Getting good scores in competitive exams is an arduous task. For each exam, the pattern and syllabus will be different. Questions of chemistry, maths and physics are essential for the exams like JEE, NET, GATE etc. General knowledge questions are crucial for the SSC, IAS PSC exams. For cracking these exams, individuals should be prepared mentally and physically. 


This article will discuss some preparation techniques for students who lack mental and physical preparation before the examination.

Tips for the Mental and Physical Preparation of Exams

Get a good sleep

Many of us don’t know how important it is to get a night of good sleep. As all consider sleeping too much as a bad habit, there are many other roles for a good sleep. For instance, a student must study a minimum of 8 hours per day. Some students will study 10 or more hours without having a nap. It is not important how much time you take to learn a subject. The concept that you have studied must be stored in your brain. Therefore, enough sleep for at least 7 hours is essential.

Don’t skip breakfast.

You can skip any meal except breakfast because it has many benefits for your health. Having a nutrient-rich breakfast is also essential rather than eating fast foods. Eat more vegetables and fruits as it contains low calories and high in vitamins and nutrients. This will make your mind and body refreshed. Never think of skipping your breakfast, even if you are busy with any work. 

Do exercise

Having a good sleep and eating good foods is not enough, but also doing exercise will make the day more energised. Morning exercising is best for the students for a good start. This can help you physically and mentally to get revitalised. After studying for an hour, a good walk is a must for your body and brain. This helps get good blood flow and send oxygen to your brain that enhances your memory and concentration. Take a bath twice a day and make your body always clean.

A good ambience

Making a good atmosphere around your area is fundamental. A study table and the surrounding space must always be pleasant and clean. Distracting things should be removed, and keeping a small plant or inspiring quotes will improve your mental health. So always remember that a good ambience can change your mood swings and improve your learning skills also.

Prepare notes and practice question answers.

For avoiding unnecessary tension and stress, note preparation will help you a lot. Important points can be noted down in a short notebook, so whenever you feel that you have forgotten any points, you can have a rough look at them. After each topic or a chapter, do a mock test. Many study materials have different questions available in the market to answer subjects-related queries, such as physics questions and answers, maths, chemistry, general affairs, etc. 


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