Four tactics that can bring more traffic on your Instagram account

Four tactics that can bring more traffic on your Instagram account

Since Instagram was developed back in 2010, the application managed to raise its popularity to an enormous extent. On a monthly basis the social platform is used by more than 1 billion active users and it makes Instagram one of the most effective sources of advertising and popularizing your business ideas and gaining potential future followers. The users of the mobile app have the opportunity to benefit from the variety of tools that Instagram provides. Both business owners and influencers are capable of increasing their reach and converting their profile visitors to potential customers. Many research studies show that as many followers someone has, as the trust in his online presence is bigger. Moreover many brands and influencers nowadays prefer to buy followers on Instagram directly from suppliers in order to increase their audience count. In this article we have collected a few tactics that can help you to gain more followers and to increase engagement rates on your Instagram account in order to populists it and benefit from the usage of the social platform.

  • Determine your niche.  When it comes to establishing credibility to some brand or influencer you should first determine your niche that you will dedicate your account to in order to attract the interest of the audience you would like to reach. When you are consistent in uploading content relevant to a specific niche, it will lead to success in establishing awareness of your brand which in long terms will make the goods and services that you advertise on Instagram trustworthy.
  • Use hashtags when you upload content. Instagram supports the usage of keywords in the form of hashtags that are mostly being used for organizing content in different categories. If someone searches for a specific topic or content, he/she is likely to search what they need through some hashtags. Instagram allows its users to use up to 32 hashtags when they upload content, no matter if you upload image/video or an Instagram story. In fact in order to maximize the visibility of your Instagram profile, you should find the right and relevant hashtags related to your niche and start adding them to your posts. This way, people that are interested in your niche will be able to discover your account easily.
  • Insert catchy captions on your uploads. Before you publish  content on Instagram ,you should first think of a funny and compelling caption , because a good caption and description can provoke other users to interact with you and your uploads. You can try to joke around, tell interesting stories, you can even ask your followers questions and they will be more likely to engage with your content. You can feel free to add emojis or symbols on your captions. If you add creative and catchy captions, you can bring much more traffic on your account.
  • Collaborate with popular influencers related to your niche. Nowadays popular people on Instagram have a big influence over the other users so you should consider collaborating with some influencers that have something in common with your niche. Influencers know how to create posts that will perform well with their followers, so influencers can benefit you a lot. If you manage to find the right influencers, they are capable of attracting thousands of followers to your account and you can convert those followers into customers. 

No matter if you are a newbie on Instagram or you have been using the platform for years, if you promote your goods and services, on Instagram, it can really improve your business. In this article we tried to collect the most effective tactics that can bring more traffic to your account, so we hope that it would be benefit to you reading it.  

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